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Machine automation

What we do?

We develop comprehensive implementations of machine control systems. We mainly deal with lagging machines and rollers. However, we are able to automate any machine. We also offer modernization and service of existing machines

Sample projects:

  • Spreading machines
  • Roller blinds machines
  • OPS paper tray (Top Stack Feed)
  • Machine for unpacking cardboard boxes with lever arch mechanisms for files
  • Machine for the production of household goods
  • Machine dosing polyurethane masses
  • Metal press
  • Styrofoam Cutting Machine

Scope of work:

  • Control project
  • Create a electrical scheme
  • Creating machine control software
  • Create control cabinets
  • Starting machines
  • Configure servo drives and inverters
  • Performing tests
  • Control optimization
  • Machine service
  • Modernization of machines
  • Cable replacement

Our customers:

  • Contec Polska
  • RB7
  • Esselte
  • Konex
  • Kemy
  • BSH
  • Austrotherm